Zines & The Emergence of Digital Media


Zines are ways for people to express themselves in a form similar to magazines without rules or judgement. They are very artistic and can represent anything from political issues to your favorite artist or band. “In an era marked by the rapid centralization of corporate media, zines are independent and localized, coming out of cities, suburbs and small towns across the USA, assembled on kitchen tables. They celebrate the everyperson in a world of celebrity, losers in a society that rewards the best and the brightest” (Duncombe 2). Zines were very popular back in the 70s and 80s but now they are in stiff competition with new technology. Specifically this new technology is digital media.

The definition of digital media is digitized content that can be transmitted over the internet or computer networks. This can include text, audio, video, and graphics. This means that news from a TV network, newspaper, magazine, etc. that is presented on a Web site or blog can fall into this category. The zines published on the reading by Stephen Ducombe would be considered digital media so it is hard not to see how closely related they are. Im sure that some magazines were inspired by certain zines. As I said before people used zines to express themselves and that is what every newspaper, website, blog and magazines goal is. In my opinion the relation of zines to digital media is much like the evolution of humans. Zines would be the cavemen and digital media would be the sophisticated humans we evolved into in present time.


Gathering Materials

This week we worked on gathering links consisting of images and videos. Personally the links I gathered were images that portray going green. These images are helpful because they make the storyboard look more visually pleasing. Only using text would bore everyone while we are presenting. However what we might be missing is different types of media. Right now we only have images but adding music and videos would help diversify the presentation. Gifs could be another idea because they are very popular on social media now. Everyday I see GIFs on Twitter so there is no doubt that it would make sense.

Gather Materials


In our group meeting this week we came up with the concept for the storyboard. We decided to do a video but it is going to be different from what people would expect. We are going to create a prezi then record it using quicktime. This will give the audience accurate fun facts and information while still telling a story. Each scene is a different way of promoting awareness or touching on the consequences of not going green. Overall to finish the project we just need to make the prezi and record it using screen capture.

Creativity loading

Group Project

Last week we met as a group to discuss how we want to approach this project. After listing the pros and cons of different platforms like Twitter and Instagram, we decided that a video would be the best approach to this problem. The main reason we chose to use a video is because of the target audience which is young moms and millennial’s. They are the ones most likely to be interested in this movement. Using a video is also better than having slides because it is more visually pleasing. Our video will focus on the facts of going green and show examples of recycling. We agreed not to make the video too long because if it’s short and straight to the point then people will take more from it. Having a video over 5 minutes would probably bore people even if they were fans of the movement.

Team Concept



The memes I selected are interesting because they are all popular images that I see on social media often and can be used in almost any situation. Out of the three memes I selected, the one I see the most often is the crying Jordan image. People use this meme to express sadness and even crop his face off and put it on other people. An example of this would be when the Panthers lost the super bowl that year they went undefeated. On Twitter and Instagram people were cropping off Jordan’s face and putting it on Cam Newton. I believe that the function of memes in todays society is to rebrand products and for average people to express themselves. The average people who created the memes are just trying to make jokes on social media but some companies use the memes for advertising. If they realize that many people are using the meme then they will try to find some way to advertise it for their benefit.

GIMP Editing

My experience with GIMP was confusing at first because it is very old-fashioned. I took a photo editing class in high school and I use photo editing apps for my pictures on Instagram so those experiences helped me a lot. What I struggled with most was finding the two pictures I wanted to use especially the background image. The stock background image I had was 2000 x 1200 which is very large and I wanted the image to be a Lamborghini since I love the way it looks. As you can imagine there is an abundance of Lamborghini pictures all over the internet but my problem was with GIMP resizing the image to be smaller. I had to go through at least 10 different pictures of the car which all were larger than 2000 x 1200 before I found one that GIMP would keep it’s actual size.

The second image I brought in was of the Kanye West bear that is from his College Dropout album and is always associated with him. Once again GIMP made the image smaller than it was supposed to be and after downloading 8 different versions of the bear I just gave up and resized it. This was annoying because I had to resize it by so much that it makes the image look blurry but I had no choice. The finished product is the bear standing next to the Lamborghini and this makes sense because he made a song called “Mercy” in which he is talking about this car in the chorus. The skills I learned aren’t particularly newfound since I have been editing my Instagram pictures since high school but this is a way that GIMP tools can be applied to my everyday life. Overall I enjoyed the assignment but I wish that GIMP let me use the actual size of the bear image so it wouldn’t look so blurry in my header.

The Images I remixed can be found at:

artnhiphop.blogspot.com/2016_05_01_archive.html & https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lamborghini_Huracan_20150525_7811.jpg